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Things to consider when ordering your building. 


Types of Wood_edited.jpg

There are three different types of cladding to choose from:

  • TGV (11mm thick)

  • Log Lap (19mm thick)

  • Ship Lap(14mm thick)

TGV (tongue and groove) is our standard cladding and is the cheapest option. 

Log Lap and Ship Lap are a more expensive option as they are a thicker type of cladding. This is 30% more in price than our standard TGV.


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There are two options when it comes to a base. These are either a:

  • concrete base

  • or a timber bearer base. 

Concrete base- this is not something that we do but we do have contractors that we can get you in contact with if this is a base option.

Timber bearer base- this is something that we supply. We do advise that the ground is level before the building or base being put up. This is to help prevent the doors from dropping. If not completely level we will level the base with packers before erecting the building. 

Cost wise a concrete base would be significantly more expensive but would last a longer period of time. Whereas a timber bearer base is a cheaper option. 

Style of Building 

Photo 25-10-2021, 16 55 06_edited.jpg

There are four styles to choose from including:

  • Apex 

  • Pent (slopped roof)

  • A-pent

  • Pitched 

Roof Material 

picture 1_edited.jpg
cedar shingle tiles_edited.jpg
green felt shingle tiles_edited.jpg

There are many options when it comes to the roof material that you choose. These include:

  • felt (3mm thick)

  • felt shingle tiles (in either black, red or green)

  • cedar shingle tiles 

  • onduline 

  • tin 


We offer a range of furnishings including:

  • galvanized 

  • black antique

  • stainless steel

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