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Bespoke Sheds

Our bespoke sheds come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different materials built to your specification. 

Whatever you desire, we can produce for you. Call us, or come visit our main site in Halstock to discuss your ideas. 


10’by10’ painted Log lap summer house in overtly olive with cedar shingle tiles on a pitched roof, insulated and internally clad on a bearer base.

12' by 7' combo !_edited.jpg

12' by 7' Summerhouse & Bike Combo Shed in TGV with double glazing, opening windows and skirting 

Photo 31-03-2022, 20 25 34.jpg

10' by 10' Apex shed in log lap with 3' canopy 


6' by 6' Corner shed in TGV with a summerhouse door on a bearer base 

Photo 25-10-2021, 16 54 50.jpg

8' by 10' Pent Shed in TGV with custom windows on a bearer base 

Photo 08-11-2021, 10 29 19_edited.jpg

10' by 7' Apex Shed in TGV with 18" canopy on a bearer base 

12'  by 6'_edited.jpg

12' by 9' Shed with Double Doors on a bearer base  


7' by 5' Mobility Scooter Shed with side door and front door 

Photo 22-10-2021, 12 48 10.jpg

8' by 8' Apex Shed in TGV with Double Doors 


13' by 10' Pent Shed in Log Lap with an onduline roof, double glazing and opening window on a bearer base 

9' by 7' !!_edited.jpg

9' by 7' Hobby Shed with 18"Canopy on a bearer base 

8x7 pent!_edited.jpg

8' by 7' Pent Shed in TGV with Double Doors and  Bearer Base 

10x6 Apex!!_edited.jpg

10' by 6' Apex Shed in TGV on a bearer base

Photo 25-10-2021, 16 55 59.jpg

6m by 3m Pent shed clad in Log Lap with double doors, Georgian opening windows, tin roof and an extra single door 

10' by 8' Apex shed clad in Log Lap with guttering 

14'by6' Apex Shed clad in TGV with double doors and guttering.

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