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Front Faced Potting Sheds 

We use 3” by 2” CLS for our internal framework, which combined with your choice of external cladding gives our buildings exceptional strength. We use 4" by 2" CLS on larger buildings.

Our floors are constructed out of 2” by 1” tanalised batten for the floor bearers along with 11mm TGV for the floors.

On the roof we also use TGV cladding along with the same CLS framework as the panels.

On our standard buildings we use 3mm mineral roofing felt, this is the best we have sourced.

6x6 potting shed with stable door_edited.jpg

6' by 6' Potting shed in TGV with stable door & toughened glass on a bearer base.


8' by 6' front faced potting shed in loglap on a bearer base with 2 opening windows. 

8' by 8' Potting shed in loglap with stable door and opening window on a bearer base.

10' by 10' Potting shed in TGV with double doors and guttering on a bearer base.

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