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Maintenance, Base, Delivery

Delivery Information:


We understand that access can be different for everyone. If your building needs to be taken through or over something like a house, wall or fencing please ensure that our team are informed at the point of enquiry. It would also be appreciated if any obstructions could be moved before arrival so that the delivery of your building runs as smoothly as possible as sections of the building can be very heavy. 

Base Requirements:


When enquiring for your building we always ask what base you have or will need. If you already have a concrete base this is vital that it is FIRM and LEVEL. This is to make sure that the building sits flat to the floor to help prevent any future problems. If your require a base we can offer a wooden bearer base or can get you in contact with someone to get a concrete base. Any future problems that may occur when the shed isn't on a level base include, the door being hard to open, the door dropping with is noticeable when the pad bolt doesn't line up and close. 



Before your building leaves the workshop it is dipped in a water based acrylic treatment from Protec products. Protek's Premium Plus Grade is a water-based wax enriched wood protection with a sophisticated formulation combining high-quality acrylic copolymer with paraffin wax. Premium Plus contains more pigment, wax and acrylic than the standard Premium Grade range.


We recommend that your shed is treated within the first 8 months and then annualy. You can buy this treatment directly from us for £15 (5 liters)

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